Technical Operations – Agility ERP and TDS

In partnership with TDS, Agility ERP offers a complete range of customizable life cycle services for your enterprise software deployments including the underlying server and network infrastructure if desired. These services are customized to your needs, your business and your budget.

erp - app support

erp - infrastructure support

Agility ERP and TDS support our customers with varying SLA options including 24/7, 15 minute response for critical events. Our U.S. based technical support team also supports other prestigious accounts including and Boston Red Sox. Unlike some vendors that may outsource first-line support, TDS maintains an established tech ops team that can immediately support your business at whatever level is required.

Since flexibility is critical to evolving organizations, support levels and staffing can flex up or down as your needs change. In this way, we provide you with the support of a large IT department at a flexible budget that you can afford.

24/7 Automated Monitoring


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TDS provides automated, 24/7 monitoring services for companies of all sizes utilizing a flexible price model based on your specific SLA response requirements.

With TDS monitoring and related services, you can:

  • Assure end-to-end application availability
  • Assure performance in a mixed delivery model – conventional, SaaS and cloud
  • Visualize performance and availability of services
  • Proactively address potential disruptions and optimize service delivery

As a result, your organization can confidently leverage the opportunities of today’s emerging trends – without increasing staffing or operational costs, or requiring the purchase of new tools and hardware.

TDS 24/7 Technical Operations

With Agility ERP combined with the TDS Technical Operations Group, you get the IT team of a $250M company without the cost and headaches.

Technical Operations Clients

TDS has the strategic knowledge, expertise, technical breadth and experience to manage your IT operations with much less cost and risk than to do it yourself.  TDS provides you with the resources of a fully staffed IT department when you need them.

TDS customers have access to deep expertise in network architecture, Linux, Windows, security, backup and storage without having to build and employ such professionals. These services can flex up and down “on demand” to align with your evolving business needs, technical resources and budget constraints.