About Agility ERP

Agility ERP helps companies implement digital business transformation initiatives while remaining adaptive to future changes. We provide consulting, deployment and operational services to our clients with primary focus on the rapid delivery of enterprise-grade solutions which are affordable, sustainable and molded to specific business needs.

We have clients of all sizes – from $10M to over $1B+ in annual revenues and services a wide range of industries and markets.  What these businesses have in common is the need for a rapid solution and prefer a more iterative / adaptive approach over slow “big bang” methods inherent to legacy ERP  systems (resulting in deployments which are typically out-of-date before they ever go-live).

Agility helps these companies improve operations by leveraging agile, iterative approaches to obtain real business value fast. Where appropriate, we leverage flexible enterprise open source software and integrate these systems with legacy environments to assure a smooth migration – avoiding the chaos and disruption typical of forklift type upgrades.

Agility ERP was founded in 2014 by partners Eric Kraieski and John Fandl as a spinoff of Transitional Data Services.

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Agility ERP has a long history with open source ERP.  We were first recognized for early leadership in open source ERP adoption a decade ago by CIO.com  (as the Enterprise Applications Division of TDS).

Agility ERP has consistently been awarded “Partner of the Year” recognition by Openbravo as the most experienced and strongest Openbravo partner in North America.  Agility ERP was recognized by CIO Review as one of the “20 Most Promising ERP Solution Providers.

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