White Papers

5 Steps to Achieve Business Value from Your ERP

An agile, business aligned approach for successful ERP deployments that are on-time, on-budget, and will be embraced by the users.

There is no doubt that a well implemented ERP project will improve operational efficiency and deliver long term value to an organization. Unfortunately, the optimum implementation approach is not as certain. In reality, most implementations encounter project delays, cost overruns and limited acceptance by the employees who need to interact with the system on a daily basis.

This Agility ERP white paper will help you identify common traps that impact project success and provide tips to avoid repeating mistakes made by others.

8 Ways to Mold ERP to Fit Your Business

What are the 5 important questions a company should consider before moving forward with its next enterprise application project?

Your answers to these questions may reveal you are already experiencing the limitations of legacy ERP and the impact to its business agility. These solutions typically take years to deploy, are late, over budget and often rejected by users.

A flexible ERP solution allows the company to mold the solution to its business needs, not the other way around. In this eBook, we also describe 8 ways that a flexible ERP approach will help you build sustainable and adaptive business solutions.

Is Your ERP Creating
a Legacy of Frustration?

Companies are increasingly recognizing that legacy ERP systems impose an unacceptable burden in terms of cost, wasted time, and lost business opportunities.

This Openbravo white paper discusses the nature of the ERP dilemma facing many companies, illustrating the problem with a number of common real world experiences and business challenges.

The Business Value of
Flexible ERP

Conventional ERP deployments demand  modifications to business processes in order to conform with the ERP’s model of your business.

For agile businesses that derive competitive advantage from the ability to adapt to rapidly to market changes, locking down business processes is not an option.

This Openbravo paper explains important factors to consider regarding the automation of core business processes. By understanding how ERP can impact the agility and performance of your business, you can then make the right technology decision to meet your unique business challenges.