Etendo – The Agile Open Source ERP Platform

Etendo is a complete, modular and web based open source ERP platform for rapid deployment and custom integration

Etendo ERP empowers organizations across industries to improve business performance through increased productivity and business agility.  Etendo is especially suited to organizations with up to $500M in annual revenues as well as divisions of larger organizations.  These Enterprises have ERP requirements similar to the largest Fortune 100 companies, but not the massive budgets and endless patience required to implement Oracle, SAP or other proprietary ERP solutions.

The CIO quote below puts this in context and is way too common in the industry:

“Our company has recently upgraded our ERP system. We spent ~$1M, took over 12 months to implement, are spending $90k+/yr for support/upgrades, and it still doesn’t do what we want. We are a simple manufacturing plant with multiple warehouses (some produce, some ship). This is the second time we’ve gone through the upgrade cycle with this particular product. Every 3-5 years we have to start all over it seems. Our CEO has asked that we look for an ERP product that can be customized to meet OUR needs. Can you help us?” –  CIO

What is clearly needed is a solution that can be fast to deploy, easy to extend and easy to maintain. The solution must be flexible, adaptable and cost effective. Etendo was designed precisely to address this challenge.  As a provider of commercial grade, open source ERP software, Etendo provides these advantages:

  • Comprehensive: Full featured, role based ERP suitable for simple and complex deployments
  • Flexible: Model driven, modular platform with access to 3rd party plug-ins
  • Intuitive: Easy to use, easy to maintain, web based ERP system
  • Commercial grade: Bug fix guarantee with SLA response – commercial licensing for IP protection
  • Developer / IT friendly: Full source code and API access for extensions and custom integrations

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