Mobile & Responsive Enterprise Applications for Adaptive IT

Where appropriate, Agility ERP leverages Etendo’s mobile framework to deliver mobile web applications that operate both in connected and offline modes, and reliably synchronize new information with the centralized back office database when connections are restored.   This proven approach is also used by Openbravo POS to provide  an enterprise grade, mobile, adaptive and offline experience for enterprise application users.   


Agility ERP often recommends the Etendo mobile web platform when the application requires varying form factors – including laptops, tablets, and smartphones all fully integrated with web based, desktop experience and systems.

Including a fully integrated, standards-based technology stack, the Etendo platform allows you to build mobile apps as part of your robust, end-to-end business process vision (not as a collection of disjoint technology silos to be independently developed and managed).  

When using Etendo Mobile as part of your responsive design approach, you can extend your web based enterprise application to your entire workforce:

  • Accelerated time-to-market with a pre-integrated, fully functional mobile platform stack
  • Full integration with backend services including database and administrative controls
  • Seamless operation with online / offline capabilities, cross platform and responsive
  • Field proven adaptable platform used in Retail , ERP and other enterprise-grade applications

Etendo Mobile Framework

openbravo cross platform

The Etendo mobile framework is fully integrated with the Etendo back office and administrative systems.