DevOps – Enabling Adaptive IT

The DevOps process plays a central role in creating and deploying business functionality in today’s increasingly complex enterprise application landscape:


So why has “DevOps” accelerated into enterprise IT over the last several years?  At Agility ERP, we see DevOps as the natural convergence of enabling technologies and methodologies for sustaining enterprise applications:

    • Availability and proliferation of commercial-grade open source software
    • End-to-end services are being delivered via federated networks of applications working in concert
    • The merging of agile /iterative development with the stability of waterfall deployment
    • Blurring of responsibilities and tools between development and operations
    • Maturity of hybrid enterprise computing environment (on premise, cloud, SaaS, PaaS)

 One trait that sets Agility ERP apart from others is our focus on the full life cycle of our client projects.  In partnership with Transitional Data Services (our parent company) and Openbravo, we  can stay engaged after delivery. We can provide 24/7 operational support services to assure your business is continuously supported while you perpetually evolve and innovate for ongoing excellence.  We can provide:

    • Enterprise platform that supports progressive and model driven application development
    • Application performance management tool (e.g. AppDynamics)
    • Project management, issue tracking systems and agile collaboration tools (yours or ours)
    • Modern version control system (e.g. Mercurial,  Git)
    • Automated testing (e.g. Selenium) and continuous build (Jenkins)
    • Automated scripting (e.g. Ant, Puppet, and Chef)

Agility ERP can augment and align with your development, operations and dev-ops teams for sustainable enterprise business applications. 

Business Agility is essential to stay ahead of the competition. Your IT must be adaptive  to support this need for agility.

To be adaptive, IT must rapidly and continuously deliver value… this requires DevOps.

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