Sustainable, Custom Built Applications Using Openbravo Platform

If you are planning a new custom built application, there  are many ways to move forward without starting from scratch.  Some options include  JBOSS, GRAILS , Websphere  or SharePoint as well as SaaS approaches like

While each has advantages, we have found the Openbravo platform to be a fantastic alternative for building many custom business application deployments. Here are some of the  ways Openbravo can give you a head start and rapid deployment:

  • Robust and powerful web based UI with and mobile framework
  • Built in back office administration and user facing functionality
  • Flexible deployment:  Server, Cloud, SaaS and distributed deployments
  • Database integration with PostgreSQL and Oracle
  • Role based usage , security and logging
  • Enterprise grade system for master data transactions and reporting
  • Modular, open source and extendable
  • Model driven development

In addition, you can take advantage of the skills and expertise of the Agility ERP team to prototype, deliver and maintain your Openbravo based, custom built application using less of your budget while lowering risk and accelerating delivery / go-live.